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Round, pink pill with capital letter 'R'
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    Default Round, pink pill with capital letter 'R'

    I thought maybe I need to change my subject line after reading the sticky.

    I am really worried for my friend who took this pill. Maybe her illness has nothing to do with the pill, but I'd like to know for sure to rule out that possibility.

    Has anyone ever seen or heard of an xtc pill that is pink, round and has a capital R? or any pill as such in general?

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    (Im not being judgemental at all, just stating facts)

    Ecstasy is an illicit substance, meaning no regulation.

    The problem with no regulation is that there could be a pill that has been tested positive for MDMA that matches yours, but it does NOT mean that you have the same pill. It could have come from a different 'batch'.

    Does the pill have any other markings on it? Or does the R look like a logo (purepac logo)?

    If the R looks like the one in the photo, then it is pharmaceutical, but we would need the other numbers in order to ID it.

    If your friend is sick, she should seek medical attention to determine the problem and also prevent the condition from getting worse.
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