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round unscored M one side 60 other
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    Default round unscored M one side 60 other

    The M on this small pill is inside a box printed on one side 0f the pill and the 60 iss all alone on the other side, please help me if you can, before my teens get home from the movies. Thanks in advance



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    It might be this, but you did not state a color or shape, so I am not certain.

    This pill is Morphine Sulfate Extended-Release 60 mg
    Generic for: MS Contin®
    Description: Round, Orange Convex Tablet
    Identification Code: One side debossed Boxed M and the other side debossed "60"
    You will find an image at
    Info at

    My information is not guaranteed correct. I do not get them right all the time, but I do enjoy the hunt~

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