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Round white " MP/45"
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    Default Round white " MP/45"

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    I know how cheesy it is to say "my friend", or . . ."my roomie", but this one's true!
    I was cleaning my friend's apartment because he is being evicted, and i found a number of pills, he tolt me to take them all and get rid of them, so i took them home and poured them all out, there were 102 pills total, and i only knew what a few were, I knew the OxyContin 40mg, Celebrex 100mg, and the Amitriptlyn 10mg. but there were 3 different kinds I didn't know. I disposed of the Oxy, saying as i didn't have a perscription, and if it were found in my hands. . . you get the picture.
    But the pill I'm asking about right now is round not as big around as a percoset, but almost as big around, and a lil thicker than a percoset, it's white and it's one sided, and says "MP", then below it it says "45", so "MP/45". please help me indntify this mystery pill.


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    Imprint Code: MP45
    Drug/Strength/Manufacturer: Metronidazole 250mg - Mutual
    Description: MP 45 - Tablet white unscored
    an anti bacterial/anti protazoal

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