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Round White pill, M on one side, 4 on other side.
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    Default Round White pill, M on one side, 4 on other side.

    I've found some pills in my daughter's dresser drawer. They are rather small, white and round. Once side has the letter "M" and the other side has the number 4. I've done some searching on the web and the closest identification I can come up with is that they are "dilaudad". But the dilaudad ID's I've found seem to indicate that they should be a yellow pill. Can someone please help me further.

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    This pill is
    Hydromorphone 4 mg manufactured by Mallinckrodt
    Generic for: Dilaudid®
    Description: White/Round Tab
    Identification Code: Debossed with M one side; 4 on the reverse side

    You will find an image at
    so you can see if it matches up.
    Info at

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