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Round white pill P 10 on one side
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    Default Round white pill P 10 on one side

    I found these small round convex pills. They are unscored and uncoated and have a capital P that is embossed or raised. I Think it's a manufacturer logo (with a small circle kind of like behind it. Hard to explain. The P is inside the circle) with the number 10 below it on one side. It is blank on the other side. It is 8 mm across (diameter I think that is) I think it comes from canada.
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    Dude you are describing the exact same pills I am trying to find information about online. The description matches perfectly. Have you discovered any information after all of these weeks? I found these while cleaning a car at work and I'd like to find out what they are. I am also in canada, montreal region if it means anything. Thanks, let me know.

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