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round white pill watson 242/2
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    Default round white pill watson 242/2

    i have a single pill that i cant identify. it is the regular size round white pill (same size as generic xanax, but more width to the sides )with watson imprinted on one side following the curve, and the other side is scored with the numbers 242 on top and 2 under the score on bottom. any help is greatly appreciated......thanks

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    Imprint Code: Watson 242/2
    Drug/Strength/Manufacturer: Lorazepam 2mg - Ativan - Watson
    Description: Tablet - White - Round

    The short-term relief of manifestations of excessive anxiety in patients with anxiety neurosis. Adjunct for the relief of excessive anxiety that might be present prior to surgical procedures.

    Anxiety and tension associated with the stresses of everyday life usually do not require treatment with anxiolytic drugs.

    Injectable lorazepam is useful as an initial anticonvulsant medication for the control of status epilepticus.

    Chronic Pain sufferer from severe spinal scoliosis with herniated discs and pinched nerves.

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