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Round White Tablet, scored, "Endo" above "602"
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    Default Round White Tablet, scored, "Endo" above "602"

    My grandmother has a bad habit of putting her pills in other bottles, combined with a bad habit of picking/peeling the labels off of those bottles. (don't ask me why, I have NO earthly idea...she just says "they fit better" in the wrong bottles)
    Anyway, I was able to identify almost all of them, except for one:

    It is a round, white tablet. It is scored, and on one side has the word "Endo" in cursive above the number "602" It is about the same size as brand-name Tylenol tablets.

    She has about a dozen of them in the bottle, but can't remember what they are. I hate to think of her either taking something she should NOT be, or missing something she SHOULD be taking. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi, Layla

    Brand Name: Endocet; Generic Name: Oxycodone w/ Acetaminophen Tab 5-325 MG; Endo Pharmaceuticals; Imprint: Endo 602; white; round; scored.

    Happy to help

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