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Round Yellow "D5"
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    Default Round Yellow "D5"


    Im looking to identify pills I found on the floor in a shop.. a bag of about 20 of them

    They're yellow in colour.. round in shape and have "D5" written on them..

    Im thinking they're diazepan 5mg?.. a generic form?..

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    It sounds like Focalin; generic name dexmethylphenidate. It's a central nervous system stimulant. It's a modified form of Ritalin and it is used for treating symptoms of ADHD. Unfortunately, if you found a "bag" of them, I'd almost be willing to bet someone was trying to sell them or had bought them. I'd suggest taking them to a pharmacist for disposal. Hope this helps.

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    i actually disagree with the other comment u have had i would bet my life on it that they are diazepan 5 mg tablets and also the fact there in a bag of twenty sounds to me as they were just bought or getting sold you really need to be carefull not to be caught with them take them to the doctors or pharmacy they will gladly take them off your hands .

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    is Focalin. A drug like Ritalin. A drug of abuse. A CII substance. If you found a bag of it, file a police report. Most shops have cameras. Maybe you can take a drug dealer off the street.

    Is this what you found?
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