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small blue pill M in a box, 30 above a line
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    Default small blue pill M in a box, 30 above a line

    I found a small, blue, round pill with an imprint of 'M'(in a box) on one side and '30' on the other side. The side with '30' imprinted on it is on the upper half then it is divided by a line with nothing on the bottom half. Please help!

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    Ahaa The M in a box info I was hoping for. I have asked about the M in a box in your other posts regarding the same pill.

    This pill is Oxycodone 30mg
    a generic version of Roxicodone® (which is immediate release oxycodone unlike OxyContin)
    Description: Light Blue/Round Convex Tablet
    Identification Code: Debossed with a "30" above a bisect on one side and a "M" in a box on the other side
    Info at
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