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small dark pink scored wit E 43
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    Cool small dark pink scored wit E 43

    Have you heard of this one? One of my twins says it's what her friend takes to stop having seizures, which doesn't explain HER having them! Of course, she doesn't have seizure problems (unless "seizure" is the new word for "attitude from hell") ::sigh:: Such is life, I guess. I can just hope they're nothing "good". The fact that she hasn't asked me for them tells me they can't be TOO good or she'd want them back and be asking, looking around, like that. I've heard nothing, so I'm figuring it's nothing ah "good" (maybe I should say "mood changing".... yes, that sounds much better.) I'm hoping it's not, say, anything I was taking at her age ::shudder::
    Apparently a few of the not-pink ones got wet, as some are a darkish green and some are white, and a couple are have a green coating that's coming off. All, though, seem to be the same (damn, Star Trek is a rerun from yesterday) from the same place; they're all small, round, and scored. Only difference is the bright one's number is 43 (could be h3 instead of 43 but I don't think so (with that funky "E" above the number) and the white-or-green ones are identical but for their color and their number, which is 149 and also has the funky E.
    Sorry this is so long. There is one pink 'un and four (4) green-or-white ones.
    If you get these, you'll be batting exactly 1,000 and I thank you for it.
    So many sites don't do anywhere near what they say they can, and yours is the welcome exception. I thank you for that, you rock.
    Your Friend,
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    Can you try and describe the E?
    What's "funky" about it, is it upper or lower case? Is the middle line of the E broken or look like a mirror image of a 3?
    Maybe you can take a look at Eon, Ethex and Elan logos.

    Since your eyes aren't the greatest did you look at these under a mag glass to be sure?

    I hate it when they run Star Trek two days in a row.
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