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Small Orange Round Pill Cross Score (ID PLEASE!)
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    Default Small Orange Round Pill Cross Score (ID PLEASE!)

    Hi, i am in canada, I just picked up 10 pills and the guy said they were "Endococets". I have never heard of that, I have heard of Endocet, which are the "0636" white pills. These pills are small, about the size of an oxycontin 40, a little bit bigger, and much thicker, and has nothing on one side, and a cross score on the other, I was wondering if anyone could get me an ID on these as quick as possible. Thanks in advance.

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    Yes my friend, I am glad I can be of service.

    You said you know of Endocet. Good. There is no Endococet in USA or Canada. There MAY be in MEXICO, but I'm 99.999999999% sure there IS NO SUCH THING.

    He may have got the name wrong, and if so, he got the pill wrong too.


    1.) White Crosses
    2.) Mini Thins
    3.) Truck Drivers
    4.) Over the counter speed

    THESE ARE ALL THE SAME THING! Also, it's not pain medicine.

    Prescribed medicine of the "itchy-squinty" nature (you know what I mean) always have an imprint code, thats how the gov't watches this stuff! go to your local gas station and look at the various "single serving" counter goods, then PLEASE write me back, so I know if I have helped someone else today.

    Good luck Bruhv Man.

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