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small round white pill with M134 on one side
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    Default small round white pill with M134 on one side

    Please help me identify a bottle of about 10 pills I found in the back of my medicine cabinet. The label is scratched off and all I can make out is a year of 2001. I know this means the prescription is expired and that whatever the pills are they are of no good use anymore but I am curious as to what it is that we could have thrown to the back like that. They're pretty small, maybe medium sized, white, round, and have an M on top of 134 on one side engraved in with the other side blank. Please help me solve this mystery.

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    The pills are Ketorolac Tromethamine 10mg (generic for Toradol)
    by Mylan.
    Imprint: M 134
    Color: white
    Shape: round

    There is an image at

    Info at

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