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"small round yellow strange K imprint"
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    Default "small round yellow strange K imprint"

    This mystery pill has a strange looking K on one side, and nothing on the other side. I have trouble distinguishing if it is a K or could be an R. I'm pretty sure it is a K. It has a little diamond or arrow shape or maybe even a mishapen cirlcle on the top right line of the K. I'm sorry I can't describe it better, but it's really hard to see. I have searched for the K on one side description and the R and don't get anything that comes close to looking like this pill. I Found 2 of them in my husband's coat pocket. He denies they are his. Found 4 Viagra in his coat pocket a couple of years ago, didn't tell him I found them, I searched and found out what they were, and then just kept checking the amount to see if he was secretly taking them when we were together. I thought maybe he was having an issue and embarrassed to talk to me about it. But the same amount was there each time I checked them. So, finally I just took them all and hid them away to see if he would ask me about them being misssing, he never has asked to this day.
    So, I don't believe he got them to help in our marriage. We don't have any problems in that area anyway. He travels all week every week, so now I'm concerned that he is cheating on me and having to use a male enhancement drug to keep up (literally). He hates to take pills of any kind, and always has! He has to be strongly convinced by me to even take a tylenol when he has a severe headache or pain of any other kind. I would really appreciate any help that anybody can give me on the ID of this pill. My husband is lying to me about them, so I would at least like to know what they are.

    Thanks so much

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    You can relax now, your K imprint pill is only 81mg aspirin.
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