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small white pill 200 one side and bowtie on other
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    Default small white pill 200 one side and bowtie on other

    I found this pill 4 different times in our truck. My husband seems to think I am finding the same pill over and over, but the last time I tossed it away and my daughter was witness. Since then I have found another. *grrrr, right*

    We get our truck cleaned and vacuumed on a regular basis, so for me to keep finding this in my truck is leading me to worry someone has a problem. I tried google search and the pill identifyer but to no help. Anyone out there know what this is? It is small white round pill with 200 on one side and a bowtie on the other.


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    I found this:

    Generic Name: Cimetidine
    Brand Name: Ivax Generic
    Imprint: 200 Ivax (Logo)
    Colors: WHITE
    Dosage Form: Tablet Shape: ROUND
    Patterns: (None) Coated: No Scored: No
    Distributor: Ivax Pharmaceuticals NDC: 00182-2066

    The meeting triangles are IVAX logo
    This med is AKA Tagamet

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