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small yellow round tablet P on one side, 4 on other side
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    Question small yellow round tablet P on one side, 4 on other side

    Can Anyone help me to identify a pill that I found in my Teenage daughter's car??

    It is small, round (Like the size and shape of an pencil eraser on the end of a pencil), edges a slightly beveled, the color is bright yellow (like a lemon)
    On one side of the pill is the letter P
    on the other side of the pill is the number 4
    there are no other markings
    the pill is not scored

    If you can help me identify this pill, please respond.. you can email me at or just respond to this post here on the site.

    I looked through the pill identifier, and also called a pharmacist, and still do not know what this pill is. I was told that it could possibly be a Dilotta (I'm sorry, I do not know how to spell that correctly)

    Thank you

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    P 4 is 4mg Dilaudid (Hydromorphone)
    see "how supplied" at the bottom for the description.

    Sorry Mom
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