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Soma/Robaxin/Methocarbamo?....please help!
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    Default Soma/Robaxin/Methocarbamo?....please help!

    are these all the same drugs? or is thier a difference betweeen the three?.... my friend has a real srrewed up back and neck, and the doctor gave him two kinds of pills, both of them I looked up here from you guys..... thanks.

    here they says v with a slash and the numbers 4211...someone on the board called it a 500 mil. Robaxin.
    and the other says westward 292... is that one 750 mil Robaxin?

    the reason I am asking is... I had got soma before when I hurt my neck real bad, and I remember them being pretty strong!.. the doctor didn't give me norco but he gave it to my friend, he is a little worst then me...
    should he be taking Robaxin and norco at the same time? I heard that taking norco and soma is bad....
    so are Robaxin and soma the same thing or what?

    thank you for your input.

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    I do realize this question was posted 6 years ago, if you have already gotten an answer for your question, great. I would like to let others who may have this or a similar question. I am prescribed both Norco(M367) and a couple different "Soma like" drugs(2410 V, 5513 DAN, 4211 V).
    Keep in mind, I am not a medical expert, I'm just a guy with serious back problems.

    I personally have never had any negative reactions, while taking both drugs. But I didn't take them both at the same time, ever. I took a Soma before bed, and when I woke up, and took my prescription of Norco throughout the day(about one pill every 3-4 hours, depending on how my back felt that day).

    There probably are some negative side effects of the two drugs mixing at the same time, if you are mixing them together I would recommend researching the ingredients(both active and inactive) that are in whatever medications you are taking. At least then you will have some idea of what could possibly happen, and if all else fails, you can always Google it.

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