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three pills. one orange 315 ETH
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    Default three pills. one orange 315 ETH

    i found three pills. theyre all round and smallish. the first one is green and says M 51

    the second is orangeish and says 315 on one side and ETH on the other. it has a dotted line down the middle to break it in half

    the third is bigger then the other two, orange-brown and on one side it says M on the other it says 751

    i really need to know what these are.

    i found the orange one in an oxycodone bottle and the others in an old oxycontin bottle

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    Imprint Code M 51
    Color light green
    Shape round
    You will find an image at
    Amitriptyline is an antidepressant.
    Info at

    ETH 351 is OXYCODONE 5 MG
    Imprint Code ETH / 315
    Description orange, round, partially scored tablet
    Info at

    M 751 Generic Name Cyclobenzaprine HCl Tab 10 MG
    Manufacturer MYLAN
    Imprint M 751
    Color butterscotch yellow
    Shape round
    Coating film-coated

    Drug info at

    Cyclobenzaprine is the generic version of Flexeril
    Drug info on Flexeril is available at:

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