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Tiny white pill "M" (or W?) on one side, "1" on the other
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    Default Tiny white pill "M" (or W?) on one side, "1" on the other

    Have never seen a pill so small. maybe 3mm diameter, 1.5mm high.

    Believe it is some sort of prescription sleep aid from canada but not sure.

    no score, but there is a circular rim close to the edge.

    The M (or W) does not have straight 'legs' which makes me think its a W (of note - the M/W does not look like any of the markings in the pill identifier. it looks more like a V with the 2 legs detached - like this /V\)

    Any thoughts?

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    It might be Canadian Ativan Sublingual tablet containing 1 mg lorazepam. It's very small, and the logo is the Wyeth "W".

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