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Too Much Lunesta?
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    Exclamation Too Much Lunesta?

    So I normally take two of the 2mg tabs when I want to wind down a bit and watch TV cause they hit me kinda slow...then when I am ready for bed I take another 3 when I actually go lay down...

    that is 10mg of lunesta I take...

    Is this to much? and can it kill me ?

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    For questions of this nature your best source of information is the package insert from the pharmacists master bottle, they will give it to you if you ask. They are highly informative and will answer any question you may have.
    Reading a Eszopiclone monograph on-line it mentioned that doses of 6 and 12mg there is a dose related increase in reports of amnesia and hallucinations as well as euphoria.
    Common sense dictates one would experience adverse events at high doses especially over an extended amount of time.
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