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what is a blue red capsule with imprint lilly f66
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    Question what is a blue red capsule with imprint lilly f66

    I found a couple of capsules, half is blue (or teal/green) and the other half is dark red with a lighter red on that end. It is imprinted Lilly F66. I have tried to look it up on the identification wizard and I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone tell me what this is? I would appreciate it. My boyfriend doesn't know if it's his medication that he misplaced and now found or what. I'd appreciate it if anyone can help us figure out what these are. Thanks.

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    Default what is bl/red capsule...?

    'lo sunshineron! just saw your post today-(april28), quite a bit after the fact. 'used to be prescribed that one for sleep. didn't think they were still made! I'd like to chat more about that stuff, (sounds like I need an update!) plz. contact me with PM. take care, -zumabot
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    It's probably Lilly F65, which is Amobarbital Sodium 50mg, Secobarbital Sodium 50mg (Tuinal), a schedule 2 Sedative/Hypnotic

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