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What is this pill - with 'No' imprint?
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    Default What is this pill - with 'No' imprint?

    I have a pill that was suppose to be adderall that was definitely not. Its a capsule clear and bright orangish "simlar looking to adderall but orange color is different" but there is no imprints anywhere on this pill. The pill contains white and orange beads inside filled up all the way. I took it and it was not adderall. Does anyone have any idea what this is? The key to identifying this is knowing what the orange and white beads are. Its crazy not knowing what I took thinking it was something else. I have never came across taking something without markings before. If you have any ideas what these orange and white beads are please let me know. Here is a link of what the pill looks like. Thanks rl]
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    As i told the other dude in a previous pill >> thread, any prescription or OTC med is required by law to have an imprint. From this website....

    "What if a Pill or Capsule Does Not Have an Imprint or Unique Code?

    A solid oral dosage form drug product that does not meet the requirement for imprinting and is not exempt from the requirement may be considered adulterated and misbranded and may be an unapproved new drug as defined by the FDA. Also, if a pill or capsule has no imprint and is not an approved medication it may be a vitamin or other dietary supplement, illegal drug of abuse, foreign medication or even candy."
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