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Whats this Pill..Lite-Blue, Oval, 44 386, Scored
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    Default Whats this Pill..Lite-Blue, Oval, 44 386, Scored

    Hey There,
    I found a pill that is [u]Oval Shaped with a Light Blue Color</u>! (Exactly like the color blue that is found on a 1mg. oval shaped, light blue Xanax) On one side, it has the inprinted numbers: 44 386, and on the other side, there are NO imprints but it DOES have a line centered from top to bottom so you can break it in half evenly if you needed to. If anyone can help me out, I WILL find someway to repay you, THAT IS MY WORD! My e-mail address is and I also have MSN Messenger so you can reach me on there! Just enter my e-mail address to find me! Or just leave your found information for me on here. Please help me out! I really need to know what this pill is! ThanX agin guys/Gals! -peace-

    Please Let Me Know Something ASAP...ThanX Again Guys/Gals! Have A Great Day!

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    I beleieve that this is a fairly recent product, as I seem to recall that people have only been asking about it in the last several weeks.

    No one is sure what it is yet. (That I know of). The 44 says that it belongs to LNK Int. They make mostly OTC cold, sinus and headache medicine. I'll try to contact them this evening or you can if your able. (516)435-3500.

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