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White - Oblong - P C C imprint
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    Default White - Oblong - P C C imprint

    Found a pill thats white, oblong (about normal size), with the imprints "P C C" spaced out accross one side. The other side has nothing on it, not even a score line for easy cuttng.

    Wish i could provide a pic.

    I'm almost positive this is domestic, but there is a very low % chance it could be foreign.

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    Nobody knows what this pill could be? I've turned up little to no information despite extensive searching. If it would help I can upload a pic but the pill is pretty simple. Plain white, capsule/oblong shaped. Blank on one side with "PCC" or "P C C" on the other. Unscored.

    The closest thing I've found is:

    "Opaque lavender and opaque white capsules imprinted in black with PCC 0843 and VALEANT"

    But this pill's imprint is not black and it doesn't have Valeant or 0843 anywhere on it.

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