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white pill line down one side no other markings
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    Default white pill line down one side no other markings

    found tub of these in sons bedroom can anyone say what they are, he says penicillin,, im not so sure

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    To tell you honestly, it is hard to identify a pill with no other markings. Your best bet is to get an ecstacy test kit and a color change will tell you if that's what it is or not. This is just friendly advice, not professional advice. You would have to get a test kit to know for sure. There are several places you can look such as and that may be helpful. The other alternative idea is that they are simply herbal supplements.

    ***Most herbal tablets have a split with no number, and there is a high possibility that this could be what it is. I hope you are able to gather the information you need, and I am sorry I couldn't be of further assistance. There's no need to panic until you know for sure. Let me know if you find out anything, and the best of luck.

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