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White, Round, 30 one side, 54 over 409 one side
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    Default White, Round, 30 one side, 54 over 409 one side

    This forum's great; has really helped me in the past.
    Got a problem here with some pills I found in my twin daughter's room. I think it could be something they shouldn't have, because each is blaming each other for ownership! Here's the description (as best as my 40-year-old eyes can determine):
    White, round, a bit on the thick side, with 54 over 409 on onside, and 30 on the other.
    I would REALLY appreciate your help with this. Can anyone tell me what these are and what signs I'd see if they've been taking them? Of course they could just be some sort of Advil, but they were found in aluminum foil, so I doubt it.
    PLEASE help; will wait anxiously for your reply.
    Mom of Four

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    Sorry to tell you they're not Advil.

    These pills are ORAMORPH SR 30 MG
    which is a sustained release formulation of Morphine Sulfate
    Morphine is a Schedule II narcotic.

    Imprint Code 54 409 / 30
    Description white, round tablet

    Info at

    The following website has some useful info which may help

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