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White round pill TEC imprint
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    Default White round pill TEC imprint

    What is this pill? Round white pill imprinted TEC on one side halfway hatch on the other side. Someone told me they were percocets but i think they are just generic tylenol!

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    looks like this?

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    Ya I have the same question!! It looked just like that!?! My buddy gave me one and a half as I had back pain from hockey, and it couldn't have been tylenol, i was pretty messed up off them geeezzzz. He told me they were 10mg percocets?? He said they were actually sent to be destroyed as they have a higher dosage in them? Does this make sense? Anyways, never again, i actually vomited after taking them. I'll continue to stick with regular drug store tylenol for my pain. Thanks for any reply though as I am curious now. Cheers.

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    The Tecs are percocet. Personally i would advise to try not to use these or any narcotic pain meds. they can become highly addicitve and create problems if misused. Some people need releif from pain, but if your pain is tolerable at all just try another route. You dont want to create yourself a problem and it can happen easily trust me.

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