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White Round Pill with weird V
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    Default White Round Pill with weird V

    It's white and round with weird v on one side and on the other side it has a 54 then a score and then 01?

    Poision Control said something to treat malaria or leg pain, but they like to mess with me, lol?

    It was passed off as Vicodin 5?

    Please help!

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    I think poison control is right.

    This has come up before on another board - exact same description and passed off as Vicodin! [V]

    I still can't find it in any databases, but here is a repeat of my answer months ago:

    quote:I don't think it's a hydrocodone combination. Vintage/Qualitest's hydrocodone combos are marked 3591 to 3601 - and I don't think anything has changed recently.

    No databases list this number (5401) for Vintage or Qualitest.

    The National Drug Code listing for Vintage shows 5401 as quinine (which is a round and white tab or a white capsule). But that is a side note. It's just a hint of what the pill might be but it's certainly not definite.

    If another poster can't ID it, call Qualitest. The company's CS is great. The number is 256-859-4011. Ask for Bambi - she's super smart and will give you an answer pronto.

    Good luck!

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