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White Round Pink Pill Marked M
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    Question White Round Pink Pill Marked M

    Hey guys, I need ya help identifying a Pink (not small) round pill marked with "M" on the top of it, and with a straight slash on the backside. What could this be? I kinda found it in my Jacket, cant remember due i was very drunk that weekend. I have taken an half by now, i feel slow heartbeat and pretty much relaxed. ps: I have also been taken alcohol, marjiuhana and rohypnol today, so i am not sure if that could be the main reason for why I am so relaxed at the moment.

    NOTE: This was in Norway, i have been searching alot and found out that Oxycodone has a M and are pink as well. But mine is just marked with a M nothing else. I has 3'of em left, should i get rid of them, or what the heck is this? I dont hope its betablockers lol.

    sry bad english.
    Regards dFF.

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    it coulld be an antideppresant used to increase womens sex drive. like a female viagra but its still being tested

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