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white round w/ LOX on one side and HM on the other, Korean pharmacy
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    Unhappy white round w/ LOX on one side and HM on the other, Korean pharmacy

    Hey folks,
    I am currently working in south Korea and was given some medication for back Pain. I couldn't catch what the pharmacist said they med was since her english wasn't very good. The pill is round, white and has LOX on one side and HM on the other. It is preforated at the middle. Does anyone know what this pill is, and who is this HM manufacturer. Could this be Tylox. That's my best guess. Unfortunately it has done little for my pain. Several scripts that I have had filled here have the same HM marking. Including a diamond red pill with 75 on the other side.

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    We don't have a good database for Asian pill imprints, I can't find this one anywhere. Sorry, can't help you.

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