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White tablets, 307 / PA, Generic for Atarax?
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    Default White tablets, 307 / PA, Generic for Atarax?

    I had renewed an order for Atarax (or Generic - Hydroxyzine). Usually have received round, convex white coated tabs with PA printed on one side and 07 on opposite. Now received round, thick, non-coated tabs with PA stamped/scored into one side and 307 stamped/scored on opposite side. Are these a new generic for this? The label shows mfgr. as Pliva, but Pliva's website doesn't even show this one...?


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    Hi Barry

    Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you on this one, but will let you know what I have found so you can take it from there.

    I checked out the website, and there are three strengths of Hydroxyzine tablets and images available for each.

    Hydroxyzine 10 mg: White, round, convex, sugar-coated tablet
    Imprint Code: PA 07

    Hydroxyzine 25 mg: White, round, convex, sugar-coated tablet
    Imprint Code: PA 08

    Hydroxyzine 50 mg: White, round, convex, sugar-coated tablet
    Imprint Code: PA 309

    The 10 mg tablet is the pill you have received in the past, with imprint code PA 07.
    Note that all the codes are sequential PA 07, 08, 09 but the 50 mg pill has a 3 in front. It would be logical that PA 307 would also be Hydroxyzine 10 mg.

    Makes me wonder whether the codes on the pills have changed and the website hasn't been completely updated yet.

    You could try asking Pliva directly. The email address is

    Kirby may also know. He's great at solving mysteries like this

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    Robo is correct - it's best to email Pliva about this imprint.

    Two databases show this imprint (PA 307) as 10 mg hydroxyzine.

    One database states the pill is white and round and includes a photo. But the photo is PA 07 - not PA 307!

    The second database states the pill is a LAVENDER, ROUND COATED TABLET. A note is made that this is a new imprint.

    Since we have differing information here, it's best to contact the company for a positive ID.

    Please let us know what you find out. Thanks.

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