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Is this xanax or what?
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    Question Is this xanax or what?

    I have been hearing alot of questions on a "small football shaped pill" which has simularities as a the "xanax" we know of today, Except it is darker blue and has different imprints that can not be found in the pill identifier. The marking on this "famous pill" everyone is asking about is ( 2089 and has v under it is also scored 1 time on the other side) seems to have just dropped out of the sky and is causing a lot of people to question the obvious. I am hoping someone can help these people to reconize what this pill is. It has caught my interest and now I would like to know for myself what this little strange pill is! ......Thanks, just interested in the unusual,What I don't understand is if these are prescribed to people shouldn't they know what they are, and take time to get on here and explain them? But thats just my opinon, I hope everyone gets the news they have been asking for, I'm kinda curious myself

    Thanks, Julie from KY

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    Must be new and not in the databases yet, someone asked about a V 2090 and someone else confirmed it's Alprazolam, we know V 2091-94 are Alprazolam, so it follows the code scheme.
    We usually get new generic imprint lists when they come out, but Qualitest is really bad about not updating, so usually it takes user confirmations for us IDers to add them tentatively to our personal imprint databases.
    You're right, if they're prescribed the imprint should be listed on the bottle, but many people don't trust this to be correct.

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    all the alpraz iv seen are round xept bars... the only blue foot ball shaped pills (like litteraly shaped like one) i know are hydocodone 10/750 (dont know the imprint)
    i could be completely wrong on that and probably am but w/e thats my input

    p.s. i hate when people call xanax 1mg a football...

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