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A yellow pill that begins with the letter "D"
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    Default A yellow pill that begins with the letter "D"

    My mom recently told me that a long time ago she took a yellow pill. She thinks the name of it started with the letter "D"
    She said it gave her energy and made her feel smarter. Anybody know what this pill might have been? Thanks.

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    U can go to the top of this page and look at the 'pill identifier' for some help to hopefully
    give u some answers.

    I did that and put in the info u provided with a
    "D" and color 'yellow'..

    a couple of choices were 'diazepam' which is valium,
    and 'percodan' which is oxycodone combined with

    It's possible either of these meds could give
    her 'energy' IF that is what she took...

    there were other pills listed it also could b..

    i'm NOT saying it is either of these meds...only telling
    you what i found...u really need more info to b able to
    correctly identify this pill. Perhaps there are more
    letters or numbers on the pill for better identification
    if there are any more pills avail..

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