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10 yr + opiate use for pain
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    Default 10 yr + opiate use for pain

    I've had Fibromyalgia & arthritis for most of my life. I'm in my 60's now. In the past 3 yrs I've had joint replacements, a low back fusion & a total abdominal surgery. Prior to all this I was on Vicodin 7-325 for the fibromyalgia pain. Now I'm on 10mg oxy 4 x a day, 15 mg MS Contin 2x a day, 60 mg cymbalta, 250mg lyrica, 400mg Celebrex, 0.5 mg Xanax & 4mg tizanidine & 400 mg Plaquinil, and 30mg adderal Er, with another 30mg adderal IR.
    Every time I'd ask my docs about cutting down the meds, I was told that I'm on a combination that works for me!!!
    But I've noticed that my days go by very fast. I wake up stiff & painful, take my am meds & stay in bed until they start to work in an hour or so. Then maybe I'll be active for awhile, but before I can get much done, it's time to take the evening meds & maybe get some sleep. I used to be active, a single mom, who worked shifts full time, ran marathons, & volunteered 2 days a month. Now I can't make dinner. Luckily I'm retired & live with my hubby who does much of the day to day stuff around here. I want to try a gradual reduction of the pain meds, then maybe work down on some of the others.
    At my age & with my family history I worry about Alzheimer's.
    I've looked up the Thomas recipe, & have the necessary stuff. Now how can I taper down & how can I tell if the pain is from withdrawal, or from my physical status?

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    Hi Grammy! I am going to respond on your other thread. There are many that can help you.. It just may take a few days for them to see. School starting, end of summer, etc.. Weekends can be slow too! I Wilks respond on your other thread. My instinct says it may be a better one to get to know you on.


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