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100 days off of Suboxone
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    Default 100 days off of Suboxone

    today is actually 101 days off of Suboxone. I wanted to post this, not to scare anyone, but to inform people of my reality of quiting Subs. I know it may affect people differently but I only can speak to my own experience.
    I was taking crazy amounts of oxycodone for around 8 years, totally hooked. Heard about Suboxone and found a doctor. Went from 16mg to 2mg in 4 years. Stayed on 2mgs/day for 2 more years. By this time i wasnt even seeing the doctor anymore, just a theripist with a presigned script pad. Appointment times took 2 minutes. In the last year I seemed to have fallen into a bad place mentally. I felt tired and lifeless. I decided to jump from 2mg without a doctors help with no other meds (not recommended).
    I am thankful for the Subs because they allowed me to free myself from drug friends and sources. But, I was on them for too long. I was totally ignorant to this drug. Nobody told me how difficult it was to stop using it. I thought I would get through it in a couple of weeks. I was very wrong.
    One thing that is a fact, You must only attempt quitting if you are fully commited to it. If your unsure, you may not be ready.
    I picked a random date on the calander that was around 3 weeks away. I arranged for 10 days vacation from work and made sure I had no immediate affairs to deal with at that time. I even explained to my boss what I was going to do. I stocked up on easy prep foods and told my wife that I was going to be a couch potato for around 2 weeks.
    Im not going to do a day to day recap but I will hit the highlights.
    Withdrawals started on the second day and peaked at around 5 days. This was typlcal opioid wds. Impossible to get comfortable, restless arms and legs, and zero sleep. I felt prepared for this because it was what I expected. But after 10 days it was still very bad, i still couldnt sleep. Started back to work (industrial elect. technician) but I couldnt concentrate or even stand for very long. I was shaking bad and constantly sneezing and It hurt to do anything. My boss really helped me by mostly leaving me alone. I noticed he didnt task me much. This seemed like it would never end.
    At around 2 weeks i noticed that the intense physical w/ds were easing. I started getting about an hour of rough sleep at night. The restless arms and legs were still there.
    After 3 weeks the w/ds started changing to extreme depression and zero motivation. It still hurt to walk or bend over and I had this weird disconnection between my mind and body. My sight was blurry and my ears constanly rang. My back and knees were hurting too. This lasted a very long time. I thought I was not going to get better.
    It was around 5 - 6 weeks when my sleep was noticably better (3-4 hrs at night), but still sneezing alot. Feeling better was so gradual that I could not tell a differance from day to day but i would have moments when I realize that something felt a little better. But then I would have a few days of pure hell almost like i was in the first 2 weeks again. Paws???
    At around 7-8 weeks i was reconnecting with my body. I was thinking more clear and sleep was much better with only occasional restless legs. My legs still ached when walking but better. But the depression and lack of motivation was still terrible. I only wanted to sit and stare at a wall or something.
    At around 10 weeks things started turning around. I was having days when I actually felt ok. I could sleep pretty good and my knees and back had mostly quit hurting. Just occasional RLS. The depression seemed better but my motivation was still zero. I was scared that this was my new “normal”.
    At around 12 weeks most of the symptoms were gone. I was sleeping good, my legs didnt hurt when I walked, RLS was gone and I stopped sneezing. My kees and back were good now and I was only having occasional periods of depression but my motivation was still low.
    From 12 weeks to now i noticed that i am rapidly getting better. Every day seems a little better than the last.
    As of now, at a little over 14 weeks, i feel no pain. My mind is pretty clear and I am feeling whole. I still have episodes of depression and my motivation is still low but improving.
    I know now that I will get better from this. I still need more time before am really free from this but I am in a good place now.
    I am really proud that Ive gotten this far. It was very very hard but if you just deal with the days as they come, its manageable. Btw, I have not experienced any drug cravings what so ever during all of this.
    I dont know why it is taking this long to get free from Suboxone. I guess it beds deep in your body and takes a long time to get out. I look at it as a necessary evil. It saved my from my past but came at a price.
    I hope this dont scare people out of quitting Subs. I just want to let folks know that is does get better with time. It was a wicked ride but it feels very good to finally have my mind back on track.
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    Hey mecman. Welcome and congratulations on 101 days!!!! 2mg, wow. I feel your pain. That was basically my story in a nutshell. I jumped from around 1mg, completely ignorant of the drug and how long the w/d last. I struggled for 6-7 weeks but I made it just like you. Today I'm a little more than 9 months clean. And believe me when I tell you that it keeps getting better. You will have the occasional day where you're down and gloomy, but that's life. Tomorrow is another day. Keep doing what hours doing. The sleep thing will balance out. I used to get 8-10 hours religiously. But now I can only get around 6-7 hours. Most of the time it's with a random wake up in there around 2am. But I guess that's my new normal. Energy will return. You will find joy in things again. There is hope and life free of the garbage is amazing!!!

    Congratulations again and welcome!!
    Thank you for sharing your journey!!

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    Thanks Beef.
    Congratulations for going over 9 months. Thats awesome.
    I cant blame anyone but myself for what Ive been through, but there is a huge amount of misinformation given from doctors who prescribe Subs. I was told that the w/ds would be mild. I didnt even know that Subs was a narcotic until my pharmacist told me. It was introduced to me as a miracle drug. Toward the end, they were calling it a maintenance drug. I wish now that I would have done some research on it.
    I cant say that I wish I never took it because it really did give me the strength to straighten my life up. But 6 years was way too long to be on it.
    I know there are alot of people on this stuff. Just know that it is possible to stop and your body will heal in time.


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    I too was on the sub for a little over 7 years. Definitely too long in my opinion but it was necessary to make the huge life changes I needed to function again. I am nearing 8 months clean and it definitely was worth it. The sub did what it was supposed to do for me.

    I too didn't truly know how tough it would be to quit but we all pay the piper at some point. It took me about a month to start feeling "normal". I still have moments of feeling weird and down but they pass quite fast. 2 mgs is a wicked high dose to jump from so kudos to you for sticking with that. I managed to get down to .125 and it was still quite rough for me. You're doing well and everything you are feeling and did feel is normal and part of the body healing.

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    I want to share an experience. So for the past 5 years Ive been diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia. Ive had to get iron infusions around every 3 months. My ferritin levels would drop down to like 4 too. My doctor said that my body is not absorbing iron for some unknown reason. Even taking 3 otc iron pills a day didn't work.
    So since ive been off the Suboxone for over 7 months, I havent been having my blood checked, or any iron infusions because Ive been feeling better. I decided to get it checked last week and my doctor called me and said that my iron levels were almost at normal levels now. I havent had an iron infusion in 8-9 months. Although obvious now, it never occured to me that the Suboxone may have been causing this.


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