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100mg methadone cold turkey to precipitated withdrawel death ride
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    Default 100mg methadone cold turkey to precipitated withdrawel death ride

    Well, I think I'm gonna make it. . After being on suboxone for 4 years I tried getting off and was unsuccessful. I made the switch to methadone a little more than a year ago. On January 1st 2018 I entered into a treatment center in Columbus ohio. In fact the only one I could find willing to detox a 100mg methadone patient. I got there around noon on the 1st and took my last dose the morning of New years eve. On the 2nd I was having very mild wd's and they gave me my first 8mg suboxone strip.. About 30 minutes in I felt ice running through my veins. Then about 10 minutes after that (think about how backed up methadone makes you, going number 2 about once a week) I was on the toilet with everything coming from everywhere. I had instant diarrhea, vomiting, sneezing uncontrollably and sweat pouring off me all some sitting on the toilet. I thought I was dieing. Once I made it to my bed I was flopping around so bad my elbows starting bleeding. This was the worst. I was bouncing around for what felt like hours until I looked at the clock and 5 minutes was all it was. They gave me a 2 MG suboxone every 6 hrs but every time it just made it worse. But I always took it thinking this one would make me feel better. This lasted for about 6 days. Suicide was absolutely on my mind. On around day 7 they bumped up the suboxone to 6 MG (one 4 and one 2) every 6 hrs for two days then 4mg morning and night(this is when I started to feel a little better, 2 days, then 2mg morning and night, 2days then 2 MG in morning 2days and then the suboxone stopped... The next day about half way through, BOOM. I HAD ANXIETY that was absolutely soul crushing. The >>>> doctor told me it was all in my head.. I lasted for 17 days then went home. My second day home I bought, 10 xanax bars and 10 percocet 5/325s yea the pretty much all Tylenol ones. It helped with my restless legs at least. After 4 days I returned to rehab. I actually felt a little better but was still having bad anxiety and crazy waves of cold chills. When I talked to the doctor I made sure to tell her NO SUBOXONE and no drugs I'd have to ween off. So, vistril, melatonin and...... Gabapentin........ Which helped well. I finished rehab on the 7th of February after being only on nothing but gabapentin and melatonin for the previous week. Mind you I was taking gabapentin since day one. My second day home I started having severe panic attacks and insomnia again! What the >>>> is wrong with me?! So off to the ER I went telling them my story. A very educated, kind, doctor came in. His first question he asked me... " how long were you on gabapentin and did you abruptly stop taking it?" well yes, the doctor and nurse at rehab said I'd be fine and no longer needed it..... Then he hit me with terrible news. "well Jon your experiencing gabapentin withdrawel". Oh my mother >>>>ing God! Neurotin? Seriously? Look it up. So day 10 off neurotin, no relief, no sleep, restless legs and anxiety in my stomach. The weirdest withdrawel ever. I feel dirty, confused and must importantly still >>>>ing motivated.. I will fight this and never go through this AGAIN! GOD HELP ME I'VE BEEN SICK FOR 47 DAYS.... PLEASE, PLEASE GO AWAY. Now at that same rehab they treated to other methadone patients with Valium for 4 days then suboxone. They seemed waaaaaay better off then me. But sick none the less. I soon realized something. The rehab opened July 2017. I was there first methadone patient. Thanks for listening just needed to get that out. It's day 47 from methadone. I miss the pink cloud affect from h withdrawel after 30 days. Please taper before stopping methadone. It's a rough ride.

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    Hey weaver, hope you are doing better.

    How much gabapentin were you taking a day??

    How long were you taking it for??

    Just interested, because a few of us are off/tapering off suboxone, and we are taking some gabapentin to help.....

    Hopefully this turns around for you soon. Keep up the good work.

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    I was taking 300mg a day for the about 30 days then dropped to morning and night for the last two weeks weeks... I have learned there are "Ghana sensitive" patience I'd recommend to start tapering as sin as you can.... It's been 13 days off gabapentin and 48 off methadone. Still have Diarrhea, insomnia, very lethargic and very mild panicky episodes... Look up gabapentin withdrawel... Hopefully your one that won't be affected. That medicstions are evil as far as I'm concerned. Good luck brother.

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    I’m so shocked by this!! I’ve never heard of or had gabapentin w/d’s. I was prescribed it for neuropathy
    but it didn’t help much. I was taking 300mg’s 3X a day and the only thing it did was make me sleepy and lethargic. I just stopped taking it and don’t remember having much of an issue. Then a few years and a pill/dope habit later I started hearing people talk about how gabapentin helps with opiate withdrawal. I had so much of it I just started giving it away to
    “friends”’who wanted it and then started trading or selling it.
    IMO the facility that you went to had no business treating patients if they are so unfamiliar with different opiates and how best to help their patients get through what is already a scary and fairly painful process without their help or lack of as it seems.
    I wish you the best! Hopefully at least the physical symptoms will be gone soon.
    I gave up so little to gain so much!
    But if I could buy back the time, I’d spend my last dime!
    Not a saint... not a sinner
    I’m living my best life!!

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