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30 days clean but still have stomach issues
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    Default 30 days clean but still have stomach issues

    So today is 30 days for me I never thought I would make it this far! Anyways, I have had stomach issues everyday. It's not normal for me and I'm wondering if it is just a lingering symptom of opiate use. I'm scared to take Imodium because I don't want my body to think it can stop trying to heal itself. has anyone had stomach issues for a month after stopping?

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    Possibly the opiate was masking a food intolerance or a disorder such as irritable bowel syndrome. Others might say if they've still had issues a month out? I can't remember but I have bad issues if I eat certain foods so it's kind of normal for me anyway. The opiate masked it for me.

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    I'm 4 years sober! It can take 90 days for your body to 'work' out all of the kinks! Imodium actually effects the same area of the brain opiates do and people are now being treated for addiction to Imodium. Stay away from it, please. Get on a probiotic and give it 30-45 days.. Things DO get better.
    Ps. I'm also a nurse for 11 years!
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    Yes definitely - sadly the king of stomach problems...what are we talkin about here? Pain? Vomiting? Runs? Can't eat?

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    Thanks everyone!! I'm so happy you all responded.
    Uncle, there is no pain at all I just go to the bathroom at least 5 times before noon then 2 more times in the evening. After the first too it feels like I have to go but hardly anything comes out. I eat really healthy so it's no processed foods but maybe I'm eating too healthy? I hope I haven't done permanent damage. I just started a probiotic. I have a vacation planned in the begining of July and just want to not have to find a bathroom every hour.

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