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31 Days of FREEDOM!
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    Default 31 Days of FREEDOM!

    Hi All

    I haven't posted in awhile but during my detox from the dirty white pills, I posted on here like crazy.

    Today is so much clearer, so much more beautiful and I actually want to just jump up and down in excitement. I have not put any drugs or alcohol into my body for 31 days and it just feels sooooo amazing.

    The detox is pure hell, but as i have said a hundred times on here, it is HELL leaving your body, it isn't going to feel perfect. Day 3 and 4 are probably the worst, then you start getting these amazing brain zaps of clarity. The pills just NUMB us and turn us into zombies. I completely issolated myself for a year on the pills and i mean completely... I had back surgery, so i had my choice of drugs to chose from, but I stuck wtih oxycontin and the percs.

    I just can't tell you in words how amazing I feel right now.... I am working a 12 step program and hanging out with other alcoholics and addicts. It is liberating. I consider myself upper class, but when I am in those meetings, I don't care who I am with....they all suffer from the same disease as me. the support is unreal and the love in those rooms is dumbfounding. I know for a fact that I am completely powerless over drugs and alcohol and the ONLY way for me to remain sober is by finding my higher power, letting him take over and go to meetings all the time. I was SOOOOOOOOOOO NOT a believer in God 31 days ago and I thought AA was for losers, well I WAS SOOOO WRONG. It is the most amazing group of people that I have ever met...doctors, lawyes, garbage men, truck doesn't matter, one common factor, drugs and alcohol made our lives unmanagable.

    i am still getting the night sweats a few nights a week but other than that, i just feel SOOOO ALIVE. crying, laughing, it all just feels so good right now. No more haze for me and I will NEVER forget the hell I was living under the SLAVERY of those damn pills.

    If you are reading this and still on the pills, but want to stop...all I can say is, just dooo it, you will be so much happier living a true life. the first week will be hell, but after that, you get your life back. Isn't that a fair trade?

    take care all....and find that peace within you, it is there!

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    Good for you, to be free is amazing, God bless!

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    Schaff omg soooo good to see hear from you your amazing dude keep up the good work I'm so looking forward to being where you are I can't wait what an inspiration you are today is my 17 th day and my birthday and I'm so glad to say ill be sober for this one I'm living one day at a time and so thankful for all of you who are ahead of me and share your sucess its awesome congrats your making it man
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    Schaff ..... Congrats on a month! That is awesome. Post around the forum and share your success. It will help lots of people seeing that this can be done! Proud of you my friend! God bless.
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    Thats amazing.... Good for you! heres to another 31 days and counting.

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    Anonymous Guest


    Good for you Schaff . Im glad your doing so well. I know you said the meetings really helped you. Keep up the good work , You are an inspiration to anyone struggling.

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    Thumbs up

    proud of you.

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