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37 hours. Perc wd
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    Default 37 hours. Perc wd

    I'm 37 hours deep. From 20-50mg perc a day. Honestly Its not that bad right now. As long as I'm focused on something else. Music and Call of duty zombies is heaven sent for time going pass and focusing elsewhere. I couldn't sleep last night. I rolled around for a few hours tryna figure out if I was hot or cold. But now I'm up and moving around. Like 3 of my dealers stop selling them except my most consistent one and he is out right now. So I'm trying to avoid him all together right now. Ive heard 72 hours things gets better. My 72 hour mark is tomorrow night at 11pm. Do you guys think I will get any sleep? Thats thus far is my biggest issue. Thankfully right now everything else is minor. More mental for me than physical. Any advice and encouragement would b appreciated. Theres a meeting today that i may go to

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    I was able to kick Percs at home too but only with clonidine. Are you able to get your hands on some from a doc? It takes away a bunch of the symptoms. But yes, the 3-4 day mark is where it finally gets better but the muscle aches still lingered for me.

    Awesome job getting this far! Keep going! Getting to this side of the road is all worth it!!

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