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3yr sub 5dayClean NO wds????
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    Default 3yr sub 5dayClean NO wds????

    Okay I'm starting to sort of freak out. Going to try and write this as short as I can but still describe my whole situation. 7yr addict last 3 on suboxone. Started at 6mg and by the 2nd year I was between 1.50mg to 1mg up and down. Then the past 6-7weeks I started lowering dosage every 4 to 7 days I would try taking .25 mg less sometimes only .10mg. Anyways when I got down to half of .25mg which is .125mg. I took nothing every other day for only six days. Then I planned to try and go every 2 days but when I did the 2nd day I actually felt ZERO withdrawals. So figured I'd wait to take next dose when I start withdrawing well nothing happened. Which is unreal for me because the past 6 weeks I kept going in minor wds at the 30 hr mark and I'd fight it until it got to uncomfortable then I'd dose. We'll my last dose was May 28th 2014. At this very moment I'm at ("FIVE" days clean) 5 days. This is amazing for myself. I've takin at least 1 pill every single day the past 7 years and now I'm sort of freaking out like what's going on when r the wds gonna kick in? Now I've been takin basic vitamins and Kratom only once a day in the mornings to get me going. Planned to use kratom for only the 1st 2weeks of wds but now I'm starting to think don't need it. Kratom helps to spark up the same mu receptors. But it's not an opioid and btw I'm using Bali kratom the weakest there is. My question is am I 1 of the lucky ones to escape subs with ZERO WDS? Or is it a matter of needing more time? Or is this kratom gonna screw me, as soon as I stop takin it? Plz help with any input

    Now if I get thru this w/zero wd's my next question would b WHY The hell ain't people talking more about this plant. If it can help ur recovery?!? Especially the lethargic issues. I know it can become addicting and people can wd from it but to take it here and there till u get thru wds makes scents to me. I've had enough will power to taper off suboxone. Ill b damn sure not to trade 1 addiction to another. Just sayin, I wanna put it out there.
    Plz leave me a comment, Whether good or bad. Thx u for reading and look forward to hopefully getting some honest responses.

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    Hi there, first congrats on getting clean n off the subs. Ive never heard of the med ur speaking about but I do know subs. U tapered very well, I went to .5mg and jumped 70days ago. I geel great I had very little withdrawels abd day 4 and 5 were tye worst but bearable . I think if I jumped were u did I prob wouldnt have even had any at all. I suggest stopping the med ur taking. And move on but like I said I dont know anything about it . Keep it up and celebrate ur success. I look forward to ur updates on how great ur life is sub free.... jaimie

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