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4 weeks ativan use and withdrawal
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    Default 4 weeks ativan use and withdrawal

    So I've been taking Ativan or the generic to Ativan as needed for horrible anxiety issues,I started taking l
    1mg as needed 4 weeks ago,then went down to 0.5mgs as needed,for a week or So,The 0.5 was not very helpful and did not work as well so I went back up to 1mg.i took my last dose 2 days ago.i did not take a dose yesterday as it was not needed and did not take one today.i weight 126 question is this have I been on it long enough to cause addiction as well,should I be I feel anxiety coming well does weight have anything to do with the dose of ativan.

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    I don't really have much advice on ativan other than knowing it's an abused substance.

    Have you been having any withdrawl symptoms? Were you able to just stop taking it without feeling sick?

    If the anxiety is returning but you don't have "flu like" symptoms I would guess you aren't going through withdrawl but are getting your anxiety back.

    Have you thought about talking to the doctor about a daily antidepressant/anti anxiety med? I take lexapro daily and it really helps with my anxiety and depression. Just a suggestion.

    Hopefully someone here can offer more advice.
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    Hello charmcity, welcome to this forum. I see you have started 2 threads. I'm sorry you have not received many responses. Try and post on one thread as this will be easier to follow you. Hopefully Cat will swing by with some advice I have zero experience with benzos. The only thing I do know is you should never stop them abruptly. Have you been prescribed them by a doctor? Can you discuss the situation with them? Keep posting someone will be by with Support. Stay Strong for Today..
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    Great thank you for the reply,my primary doc has told me to start Buspar which I will strart tomorrow

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