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4mg methadone withdrawal
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    Default 4mg methadone withdrawal

    So this is my first post on a forum like this and I have a couple questions.
    But first a small background: heavy IV user, got into methadone clinic (last resort kind of thing), did subs but always sold my script. Methadone helped me get back on my feet in a major way, got a good job, changed everything in my life, haven't used or even considered it in a couple years.

    I decided it was time after a 6-8 month long taper (yeah I'm slow but I was scared) I went down to 4mg from 65 with hardly any withdrawal symptoms or anything. Piece of cake.

    Then I quit! Jumped off at 4mg, got a full 10 days off of work to chill.

    Basically I'm a little nervous and confused at this point? My dose being 4mg barely holds me 20 hours. I know I said I didn't have withdrawal symptoms, but I mean I could tell it wasn't holding me (yawns, restless sleep, mild aches etc)

    Now I'm at 70hrs since last dose and to be honest I'm fine. The first day without was pretty meh, didn't feel great, chills, aches etc, today pretty much the same but I've been eating fine and the chills and aches aren't so horrible I can't handle.

    My question is: has anyone else experienced this? I thought by day 3 I'd be crawling the walls based on past experience, but it's been on the more manageable side. I've read horror stories about withdrawal that lasts weeks, months forever idk. but then again when I detoxed from my heavy oxy addiction I was back up and feeling just about 100% on day 4/5. So maybe I just have a fast metabolism or something?

    I just feel like everyone says "oh it's gonna be a living hell for at least 3 weeks" but I sort of find that hard to believe. They also said tapering was gonna suck but I barely noticed it? Am I over-thinking this? Is it possible it won't be so horrible lol?

    Oh! BTW, CBD is a freaking god-send. I smoke pot as well, but I swear CBD KILLS withdrawal symptoms. Whenever I feel the chills coming on or my back starts aching I vape a bit and bam right as rain. Even put me to sleep for a bit! Just an observation.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    Methadone is a very strong drug and just as important is the fact it has a long half life. The half life is how long half of a drug remains in your system. Methadone's half life can be as long as 72 hours. So it's entirely possible you feel fairly well the first few days when stopping, but wd symptoms usually make an appearance sooner or later after that time period. The overwhelming majority of those lucky enough to stop methadone report serious wd symptoms that can last quite some time. If that's not you then consider yourself very, very lucky. If symptoms don't show up in the next few days then you may be out of the woods so to speak. Tapering slowly may have produced those results and is the very best way to taper methadone so good job.

    I'm not a fan of smoking pot to cover up wd symptoms. I'm not a fan of taking any kind of addicting substances to get off another addictive substance. I'm not judging you, just giving my own personal opinion on the matter.

    I have a question for you. Now that you are off the methadone what are you going to do to remain clean? Like you I tried many times to get clean and was not successful. When I finally made it I knew my way of doing things would no longer work. I had to use every tool at my disposal to not only get clean, but to remain clean long term. I go to face to face support meetings like NA and AA to do that. Have you considered that? Something you might want to consider.

    Keep us updated on your condition, good or bad. You have support here.

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