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72 hours Percocet since last pill
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    Default 72 hours Percocet since last pill

    I'm a 30 year old female and mother of 3. I had Breast augmentation in July and have been hooked ever since. I'm am using the Thomas Recipe and my faithfulness is the power or prayer. So far fatigue and leg cramps and lack of sleep have been the worst. I'm very fortunate I have an amazing support system. And advice would be very grateful.

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    Way to go on 72 hrs! You can do it! Keep hydrated and i used thomas recipe also! I found that i didnt need the l tyrosine everyday. But b12 vitamin c or i take a prenatal vitamin (im not pregnant but they are good vitamins) i also had a ba done 2 yrs ago is also a good forum u may find info on im 18 days clean from a 4 yr vicodin addiction. Stay strong you can do it!

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