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8 years of Tramadol addiction, blessing and a curse
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    Default 8 years of Tramadol addiction, blessing and a curse

    Hi, this is my first post and almost everything I'm about to say hasn't been told to anyone I know.

    To start off, i was prescribed tramadol 8 years ago for chronic back pain due to a serious accident. Incidentally, the pain still persists to this day so i am still taking tramadol for a legitimate reason but it's affected my life in so many other ways both negatively and positively.

    To go back, before i was prescribed tramadol and around the time of my accident, my personal life was a bit of a mess. I had just come out of a very destructive relationship and I was drinking heavily. I was still holding down my job and living a seemingly normal life but in retrospect I was very unhappy, drinking way too much and basically just going through the motions with no real direction and had lost all passion for music (i'm a musician) all of this might not seem relevant but it is.

    Anyway, a short time later i met someone else and life was looking a bit brighter but i was still drinking heavily at weekends and was plagued with back pain at work due to my previous accident so I eventually went to the doctors and after trying a couple of other medications that didn't work, i was finally prescribed tramadol. The relief was immediate. I could work virtually pain free. Not only that, this medication seemed to make me feel very content and happy. For the first time in ages i felt on an even keel. So much so, i actually stopped drinking because I no longer felt the need for it. I think alcohol, looking back, gave me an escape but taking tramadol seemed to make me feel so content that i just went off alcohol altogether and i still don't drink to this day and can't imagine ever wanting to which is amazing as alcohol had been an integral part of my social life, everything revolved around it.

    Anyway, it wasn't until i ran out of Tramadol about 4 months after being prescribed it that i realised my body had quickly become dependent. I felt awful, like a really bad flu,i couldn't sleep, i was jerking and arching my back like in spasms and i would get zaps,like electric shocks in my brain. Not only that, i felt low, not content and how i felt before. Once i got my prescription again and took some tramadol, i felt back to me again, or the tramadol me, content, happy.

    Over these years, i found my passion for music again, started playing regularly, building my own home studio, recording and playing regularly in a covers band all of which i still do now. I was just more focused, more positive, more motivated and I honestly feel like the tramadol helped bring that out in my by making me feel so content. Also, as I don't drink anymore, i save money with ease, I'm never skint, i can buy mydelf nice things. I had none of this before.

    Over the years we had a daughter, she's 5 now, and they've been the best 5 years but in all that time I've been.on tramadol and I sometimes wonder if i would still be as good a dad if i wasn't on it.

    Theres been down sides though. I can't leave the house without tramadol, if i did, we need to turn back to get it. First thing in the morning i need my tramadol to feel normal, to feel like me otherwise feeling unwell and depression set in pretty quickly. Also, my sex drive seriously diminished. This has been a real problem in my relationship and its one i feel powerless to fix because i feel like i need the tramadol to be this better and happier person that i know it helps me be. Nothing gets to me. Nothing bogs me down anymore, i just handle things and get on with it and i know it's the tramadol that facilitates that.

    Underneath all of this, the tramadol still does help the pain i still get but I'm terrified that one day the doctor is going to want to take me off it without realising the huge impact it's had on every facet of my life both positive and negative. I like who I am now, despite the negative points, i feel like the good outweighs the bad. I sometimes think that I was maybe depressed before without realising it and that the tramadol has inadvertently helped that but who knows. All i know is thst I'm certainly physically addicted, I'm physiologically addicted because I feel like it's helped me in so many ways but I'm terrified that one day it's going to be taken away and I won't know how to cope.

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    Hello MusicMan, Welcome to the forum!

    That's quite a story, and a very commom one here. We have an injury or pain issue, and a doctor prescribes a narcotic pain reliever to help deal with it. At first everything seems ok, we go about our business and take our meds as prescribed. After a while something happens, our brains tell us that if one pill helps, then two or more will really be beneficial. And before you know it we're taking more than is prescribed, and running out early on our meds. Happens all the time, and certainly happened to me.

    Then it happens...we find we can't "live" without those pills. It's all we think of day, night and in between. It consumes our every thought. Nothiing else seems to matter. We have to have those pills.. Our thinking becomes skewed. And if we don't stop the train quickly, we can get in so deep we can't control our actions any longer, or the consequences of our actions. We hurt those we love, and we hurt ourselves..

    A couple years ago Tramadol was prescribed regularly, and doctors and the DEA thought it was non-addictive. Boy did they find out different. It was soon classified as a Schedule 4 narcotic. And Tramadol possess antidepressant properties so it not only helps with pain issues, it helps with our depression to some extent.

    You didn't ask any questions, or ask for help. And that's fine. I say be very, very careful with the Tramadol. It can lead to other more powerful opiates, and other potential problems. There may indeed come a day when the doctor says no more Tramadol MusicMan. The DEA is really cracking down on doctors that prescribe opiates longterm. It's happening everywhere. The end result will be doctors prescribing opiates for a very short period of time. Trying to find other more natural ways to treat your pain should be something you might want to investigate. Theres plenty of them available.

    All the best to you!

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