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Accidental Opiate use while on Subutex HELP!
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    Default Accidental Opiate use while on Subutex HELP!

    For anyone that has had this happen before, i have a question.
    I have been using sub for about 2 years and I just had dental work done. I went a whole week without taking any pain medication as I am scared to mix both subs and perks.
    But last night I mistakenly took 2 Percocet tens thinking that they were Tylenol. I didn't have any side effects, but now I'm scared to take my Subutex. I talked with the pharmacist who says I should be okay to continue my Subutex, but I'm scared.
    I can't seem to find anybody with a similar story of being a consistent sub user and then taking opiate and then trying to take Subutex.
    Can anyone help?
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    Well, while i was on subs, i wound up in hospital on unrelated event. They gave me dilaudid and ativan iv. I had no ill effects when i returned to sub use about a day later. Just do what pharmacist said. There was no prec wd if that's what ur thinking. You'll be fine. Hope this helps.
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    I took my regular dose of buprenorphine 2mg one day after taking the two perk 10s and i did not have any withdrawals.

    Thanks again
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