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Alcohol with oxycontin
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    Default Alcohol with oxycontin

    Is it safe to have a beer while on HIGH doses of oxycontin and ocycodone (and benzos)? Im thinking a glass of beer max?

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    Hi Ben, as probably any doctor would say no I -just for my own individual system- do or did that occasionally. In my "highest" times I was around 700mg of Oxys a day and some diazepam about 50mg and lorazepam (maybe 4-5mg). And yes, I did drink a beer here and there, and since I felt for MYSELF! that there haven't been any side effects doesn't mean that it has to be the same with you. Once I knew one beer isn't harm me at all, sometimes when we had big birthday parties coming on I even was drinking couple cocktails and some shots along with the beer, but at least those occasional moments I reduced the oxys to a minimum and tried to let them Benzos out of the system for at least a day or two.
    Especially Benzos with Alc can knock you out of your shoes and leaves you with total blackouts (if you're lucky) and can lead to severe respiratory issues and eventually fatal unforeseen dangerous outcomes.
    Of course it plays a big role how your background on (ab)using is, like the daily amounts and thus your tolerance. And I personally don't want be responsible if something horrible will happen to you so I have to write that it is all but safe, how do you interprete my own experiences is another thing.
    I can only give you my own personal and individual experience to your question but since this is a very dangerous question I would say I have to add that I am neither a doctor nor a professional,.
    If you want to try anyway I wouldn't do it when you're all alone and just maybe start with a few sips here and there and wait for a moment, if nothing weird should happen take another sip..
    I am almost positive one beer won't kill you, but as it says "you never know for sure.."
    Be safe and take care of yourself!

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    No its dangerous for health .

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