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Am I overreacting
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    Had a problem with my foot, in a lot of pain for years. The last 2-3months a friend was giving me 10mg hydrocodone. I have no insurance so I had to suffer through for so long. I used my friends help and I got very irresponsible with the medicine, ramped up to 40-60mg in a day.

    Finally got insurance and had surgery on my foot, was prescribed 5mg every 4 hours but I have a tolerance so I have used up my 10's and am about to go from 20mg in am and 20 mg in afternoon to my prescribed dose as directed. I read up a lot on withdrawal and I'm terrified. Is it possible to taper going to such a low dose 20-30mg at a time to 5mg at a time and keeping some in my system until those are gone? Possibly bypassing the horror stories I've read about.

    My foot pain is a non issue because I messed up so I understand I'm not going to get good pain relief for my foot but I'm terrified of getting mood swings and sick on top of it. I'm contemplating not filling the prescription and do a cold turkey instead of dragging it out for another week. Am I potentially setting myself up for an extended withdrawal period by filling the prescription since it's so low. I've come to hate this medicine and have no worries about abusing the script, I will take them as prescribed or not take them at all. I'm just trying to get onto the next chapter in my life without too much suffering beforehand.

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    Just quit CT if you can. Its far more shorter than tapering. Im almost 10 months clean. Totally over the whole mess I got myself into. 8 yrs of a full on 24hr a day vicodin binge. Lol
    Wont lie, had a blast! But the fun was murdered when the pills just made me feel normal and no morev euphoria. Suks. Its a catch 22. Them u are a slave. Well... now I am sooo much happier and more productive!

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    I agree with frog. If I understand right you've only been using for about 3 months? And about 40mg a day? You would be dragging out a process that will only take you three days tops, and won't be THAT bad. But if you let this go it's going to get worse I promise that. Be glad you caught it this soon. I really wouldn't drag this out with a taper, you might be a little uncomfortable over a weekend but you'll be much better by Monday. Just my opinion.

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    I decided to fill the prescription against my better judgement and the advice I was given on here. I thought for sure I would be able to use it as directed but didn't. It was so bad that I now only have enough to take some tomorrow morning and then I'm done.

    I've been thinking about why I want to quit so much the past few weeks that I'm excited for them to be gone, I wish I was strong enough to flush what I do have but I want that last time and I want the energy they give me in order to prepare for cold turkey. I plan to go shopping for ingredients to make healthy smoothies and get my house clean to the point I can focus solely on getting better.

    Anytime I've been out of them I start to feel flu-ish and achy all over and my body so stiff I can barely walk. My husband has promised to force me out of the house once a day for a small walk around the block and I finally have a week with no obligations, warned friends I felt the flu coming on.

    I'm most scared of the mental aspect because I've struggled with anxiety and depression all my life. I see how helpful this forum is and I hope to track my progress on here. It's been 10 hours since I've had a pill and I feel hot and sweaty but mood wise I feel normal. Hoping that's a sign that after my last dose I will only have mild withdrawal and be able to lesson the fear for others who are going through this as they read this. Time will tell! I know that Tuesday through Thursday is when everything will really kick in but I'm so ready. I'm an addict (have been addicted to other substances through out my life) and I plan on channeling my focus towards fitness(always worked to get me off other drugs and alcohol) I'd much rather be addicted to working out any way my foot will let me than addicted to pills!

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