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Ambien Ambien CR Sleeping pill addiction
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    Default Ambien Ambien CR Sleeping pill addiction

    HI, I am new here, I been on Ambien and Ambien cr for years... I get to the point that my body gets used to it and I need to take more then I should and then run out. They tried putting me on Temazepam... which I get anxiety from taking new meds I never tried before.(maybe I should of done this before I got hooked on the sleeping pills). so my doctor priscribed me sonota....which i was on before. It will be a few days til I am able to sleep as good without the ambien... maybe the zoloft will help it. I am hoping the Sonota will help with the withdrawls from not taking the ambien.... yeah I sound like a big mess. But without anything I am up for 3 days straight and driving my husband nuts. I have 3 kids so when I get no sleep i get depressed and I am a mess been playing every other month with a new sleeping pill because my body just gets ammuned to it. I finally got off the Phentermine which I was on for over 20 years.

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    Hi. I'm glad you found your way here. Sleeping pills are easy to get addicted to. Even the over the counter pills can be bad if you take them on a regular basis. After a while, you can't sleep without them. Some of the benzodiapenes seem to build tolerance very quickly, leading the person to take more and more to get the same relief. As much as you want to stop, you need to taper. I went off clonazepam cold turkey and thought I'd just have some sleepless nights and be jittery. By day five off the pills, I started to have very very vivid dreams, and by day seven had a full blown auditory hallucination. It was terrifying. Please go slowly.
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