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Ambien is evil, and I kicked it. CLEAN SLEEP RULES
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    Default Ambien is evil, and I kicked it. CLEAN SLEEP RULES

    I will try to make the last 7 years of my life with Ambien as short as possible, but I want to share my story in hopes of helping others with same problem.
    I work shifts, and needed help sleeping. I used to take tylenol pm's, nyquil, about anything to get to sleep. I then was prescribed some tramazepam or something like that years ago, it helped and I slept. I eventually was prescribed ambien and I estimate I have been on it for 7 years. The last year or two has been every night, I had convinced myself I had to take it every night or I would not sleep. And I actually would not sleep if I did not take it. I would be up all night long. I was convinced mentally, and physically my body would not be tired unless I took one. Well enough incidents happened, eating late at night, saying stupid things to my wife, falling asleep with chew in mouth, texting or commenting on facebook while on it and not knowing or remembering what I said until the next day when someone would ask me about it, etc, my wife had enough and it basically came down to choosing my wife or ambien. I almost chose ambien cause it had mentally convinced me I had to have it. Well luckily I flushed em one day and went cold turkey. I didn't sleep for many nights, but during the day I was not groggy, I could remember things, etc. About the 4th or 5th night my body shut down and I slept 4-5 hours, the next night the same, etc until I now get 6-8 hours. A few nights I would only get a couple hours of sleep, but I kept at it. I began to take melatonin at 9pm every night, I can't say it helps much, but I think it does, because it has been one month of no ambien, and I am now naturally tired by 11 pm and am always asleep by midnight. I do wake up a few times in middle of night, but I stopped mentally telling myself I was not going to be able to go back to sleep, (that took some time). I now fall back to sleep no problem. The best thing is, I wake up, and I am up. No more grogginess, etc. With Ambien, yes I may get 7-8 hours of sleep, but I am tired all morning, groggy, can't remember stuff people would tell me, and often need a nap a few hours into the day, and it would totally affect my work. I knew I had a problem, and was so scared knowing eventually I was going to have to face this issue. Now that I was forced to face it, I am so happy. I now wake up from a clean sleep, and the first thing I do is smile, cause I just slept without ambien. My body adjusted within a couple weeks, and my life, my wife, my job, my kids, my friends, everything is just so much better without that stuff. So to the people on ambien that are in the same boat, it is possible. You will have some sleepless nights for awhile, but your body will adjust. The mental part of it is the hard part. Flush em, and work on telling yourself you will have a few rough nights, expect it, do it on a long weekend, or take some vacation to get through the rough part, but it is possible. Most of you probably think I am weird, but I know a few of you out there may be going through the same thing, if I can help one person I will be happy. Also, don't nap during the day, that just keeps you from being tired at night. I had to do this alone, cause I kept this issue from everyone else in my life. My wife knew, but things were so bad at that time, she wanted nothing to do with me, I had nobody to share this with, and I think having someone to help you through this would be beneficial, even if its a paid therapist, talk to someone, have someone that can tell you good job, and be a motivator. I don't blame my wife for not being there during this time, I created it, and I beat it. My prize and reward is her for the rest of my life.

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    Thanks for your story. I know a lot of people are here for the more common "opiods, benzo" addiction; but your story is appreciated too. Often we have people come here for answers to problems with drugs like this and we're hard pressed to help them. My fiance was on Ambien for a while and it drove me nuts. He would fall asleep at the table! It really made me angry. I took Ambien once in my expiramental days of raiding people's medicine cabinets and taking one or two of each pill. I remember I was in my condo on my computer, boiling some water for macaroni and I passed out cold at my desk. I awoke to the smoke alarm going off cause the pan was cooking away with all the water evaporated! Can you say dangerous?

    Needless to say, never took it again! Good job and congrats.

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    Default Ambien is evil

    I found your post by searching "Ambien is evil". I had to attend UCLA classes for work, in addition to my regular adult life, and the schedule was overwhelming. I'd be up until 2-4AM. When I had a moment to sleep, I had to get to sleep *immediately* or I'd go without and the next day would be a loss, and I'd be even further behind. (I am someone who really needs their sleep or I don't function well.) Not taking the classes was not an option. To make matters worse, I had to have coffee when I woke up just to function because I was still feeling medicated - which just prolonged the cycle. It was horrible.

    For awhile I had used Advil PM and the last bits of an old bottle of codeine cough syrup which is the best. Then I was so stressed, my mother gave me some of her ambien to use for emergencies. She is a regular user and has been pushing me to take for a long time. I've always refused until this situation.

    First time was okay. I got 4 hours at least that I could count on. But as I used it more regularly, I really had some bizarre near breakdowns. I'd start crying in the middle of the day because ostensibly because of pure unhappiness at the forced retraining and additional stress. I had a few embarrassing teary breakdowns.

    I thought I needed a psych and then I realized, wait, I'm on drugs. It's an Rx, but it's a drug. I NEVER even had recreational drugs this regularly when I was a student. Just think what this is doing to me. This isn't me talking.

    So I exchanged ambien for zzzquil, which is a lot better. I still would rather have natural sleep, but that's not going to happen until this upgrading of skills is over with. It's hell. I hate it. I still feel I shouldn't have to do it after all the education I've had. But it's so much better than trying to deal with it on ambien. That stuff can make you psychotic.
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