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ambien withdrawal been on for 7 years 20mg last 3 years
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    Default ambien withdrawal been on for 7 years 20mg last 3 years

    I have been taking ambien for years. I suffer from bad panic attacks and depression. I get my ambien and take it in 7days. During the day and night. I never have panic attacks when I take it, and almost have extra energy. I never take more than 15mg at a time than 5 mg ever hour or so . Than I have 1 or 2 bad days when I run out and wait till next script. I recently had my meds changed from pristq 100 mg to paxil 20mg and have been having weird thoughts and Brain electronic shocks. I am back down to 15mg of ambien a night and not during the day for last 4 days. I still feel like >>>> and think it's the antidepressants changing. I am trying to ween off ambien also. Any buddy else ever have pristq or ambien withdrawals? How long? What can I do? Thanks you, please ask any and all questions

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    Hi there. Just wanted to show some support. I don't have any experience with Ambien WD so I can't be of much help. Did you say you were taking it during the day?? Or did I misread that? I've never heard of that before. Doesn't it make you really tired?

    I'm sure others will be along soon. Hang in there.

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    I would taper off them. AFrom what I have read it takes allot to fall asleep on your own with out them unless switching to another sleep aide. Brain zaps could be from coming off the ambien.

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