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Antcholinergic rebound
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    Default Antcholinergic rebound


    Someone told me that anticholinergic is good for muscle spasm
    So I tried it

    Day 1- 5 mg biperiden IM
    Day2- 50 mg promethazine IM
    Day3- 8 mg biperiden oral
    Day 4- 2 mg biperiden oral
    Day 5- 2 mg biperiden oral

    And stopped

    After a day rebound effect starts: anxiety, delirium, gastrointestinal symptoms and .....

    How long does rebound effect last?

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    Hi. I’m not sure how long your effects will last. With acute opiate withdrawal, I found that meclazine and promathezine helped for about a month, but that I’m still subject to spasms, sneezes and rapid vertigo. That said, they WERE helpful DC’ing opiates, in that they minimized side effects. I still have them on hand, though I don’t take them often anymore. I found good results from taking flexeril, though it is entirely different from opiates it still largely addresses my pain and spasms. I still take antihistamines to address secondary symptoms, though as I started to describe, I don’t take them nearly as often, mainly due to a lack of need now that I’m long free of opiates.

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